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15 performances
26 june 26 to july 15 2007
45 000 spectators
11 performances
march 23 to march 30 2008
32 000 spectators
5 performances
november 10 to november 15 2010
20 000 spectators

"Time of the Gypsies " is back !

“It is just the kind of show he might take to the New York City Opera”
The New York Times
« Opera with attitude, guitars and a dose of mayhem »
The Herald tribune
“Le Temps des Gitans era un fresco exuberante, colorido, pintoresco y lirico de un
mundo que se sostenia gracias a la vitalidad que Kusturica insufla”

El Pais
« Eine einfallsreiche Sczenographie.Stürmisscher Applaus des begeisterten Publikums »
Süddeutsche Zeitung



In a small gypsy colony, lives a family whose two children do not have parents, but live with their Grandmother and Uncle. The Lad is a becoming guy crazy about a Girl from the neighborhood. His Uncle molests her constantly. The Lad’s Sister is an invalid in the vehicle chair.
The love between the Lad and the Girl from the neighborhood is being disturbed by her mother, wishing her daughter to marry somebody much richer than the Lad is.
The great Businessman returns to the colony. The background of his wealth is very fishy. He holds a press-conference within the scope of the campaign for building his mother’s monument. His speech ends with a carousal which is interrupted by information that his child is ill.
The Lad’s Grandmother is the only person that is able to help to the child. She does that and the businessman promises that her two grandchildren will be taken abroad, into the world – Sister to be cured, and the Lad to be made rich. With the eyes full of tears, both brother and sister are going to Italy.
Nevertheless, instead of fulfilled promises, the Businessman gives Sister over to the Macro who makes a beggar out of her, and the Lad is turned into a criminal.
The Lad manages to steal some artwork from a great museum in a successful theft.
 In the meantime, his Uncle molests his girlfriend and pledging whatever came onto his mind takes her hearth and body.
The Lad returns home – rich and powerful, but, instead of the promised, new house and loyal girlfriend who waits for him, he returns to his old hovel and the pregnant girlfriend. Nevertheless, talked into the marriage by his Grandmother, the Lad marries the pregnant girlfriend but never admits the child.
The wedding begins with sadness and ends tragically. The Lad kills his Uncle; his wife gives a birth to his son but dies. The Lad fulfills his promise and doesn’t take the child.
Years after that, the Lad becomes a great criminal and recognizes his own child in his beggar camp. The police bring him back his sister who he hasn’t seen for years. She is without the hands. He is aware that the Businessman stands behind his departure to the great wide world. The Lad decides to revenge himself.
So, with a help of his godfather-midget whom he has been friend with from his birth, the Lad comes to the Businessman’s wedding and during the play of the “hidden boxes”, not only that he kills him, but also he looses his life in the reckon with the Mafia.

          01 aout Anapa (russie) Festival Kubana

  temps des gitans - l'opéra Available 2013/2014
Photo HD - Press infos, ressources and video on the official site www.timeofthegypsies.com
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